Approach for Predictive Precision Medicine at ELRIG 2019 Drug Discovery Conference

Oss, November, 04, 2019 – NTRC will present a scientific poster at the ELRIG 2019 Drug Discovery Conference ‘Looking Back To The Future’, in Liverpool (UK), November 05-06. The poster is on in vitro screening of primary material and relating this to clinical outcome. The title of the poster is ‘A precision medicine platform to predict the clinical response to chemo- and immunotherapy for epithelial ovarian cancer‘.
Epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC) is the most lethal gynaecologic malignancy. First-line therapy in advanced EOC is surgery in combination with platinum-based chemotherapy and paclitaxel. 15-20% of patients do not respond to this therapy, and in 80% of advanced cases, the disease recurs within three years. Clinical trials with immunotherapies, such as PD-1/PD-L1 blockade, have so far not been successful. There is a need for more diagnostic assays to predict the clinical response to chemo- and immunotherapies. The poster presents a biomarker discovery platform using ascites of ovarian cancer patients.

Figure 1. Schematic representation of in vitro analyses performed on tumor and immune cells from ascites of epithelial ovarian cancer patients. Data from in vitro assays and sequencing of cancer and DNA repair genes are related to tumor histopathology and clinical response data.

NTRC is a precision medicine company dedicated to discovering new anti cancer drug candidates. It is our mission to help you finding a mechanistic hypothesis before entering the clinic. We provide cell-based profiling services, target residence time measurements and biochemical profiling. We can study a wide range of cancer cells, primary patient material and immune cells in vitro, in isolation and in coculture, after exposure to monotherapy and combination therapy. Keywords are: Quality. Flexibility. Short Turnaround Time.

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