Oncolines ProfilerDo you want to compare the profile of your lead molecule against that of other therapeutics? OncolinesProfiler™ compares your drug with other compounds analysed at NTRC. OncolinesProfiler™ is ideally suited to identify the mechanism of action of leads identified in phenotypic screens, to compare the cellular profiles of drug candidates, or to repurpose drugs.

Comparative profiling characteristics

• Additional service to an Oncolines™ profile of your compound
• Computational comparison to database of more than 150 pre-profiled therapeutics
• Unbiased analysis, uses IC50 data
• Data report with clear analyses, high-resolution graphics and profiles of most-similar compounds

For more information and request for a quotation, please send an e-mail to services@ntrc.nl

Compound database

• More than 100 compound profiles determined in cell line proliferation assays
• High-quality data generated using Oncolines™ platform
• Includes profiles of common cytotoxic agents, targeted drugs, kinase inhibitors, epigenetic modulators investigational drugs with unique mechanisms, continuously expanding
• Application of Oncolines™ is published in the scientific literature [1,2]

Hierarchical clustering

• Drug candidate is placed in a hierarchical clustering tree
• Tree is optimized for distinguishing a diversity of drug mechanisms
• Validation of clustering by bootstrapping analysis

Correlation analysis

• Comparison of drug candidate IC50s with other therapeutics profiled under the same conditions
• Reports Pearson correlation and Spearman rank correlations, including significance
• Sorted table and clustered heat map provided for overview

Correlation Matrix
Clustered correlation matrix of compounds that have similar Oncolines™ profiles

Connectivity tree

• Graphical connection of compounds with highly similar profiles
• View at a glance of best mechanistic comparators
• Color-coding according to hierarchical clusters for easy comparison

Network Tree
Network tree connecting drug candidates with highly similar profiles

For more information and request for a quotation, please send an e-mail to services@ntrc.nl

[1] J Uitdehaag et al. (2014) PLOS ONE, 10.1371/journal.pone.0092146
[2] J Uitdehaag et al. (2015) PLOS ONE, 10.1371/journal.pone.0125012