QuickScout™ Cell Cycle Panel

Kinome-Tree-Quickscout_Cell-Cycle_smallThrough our partner Carna Biosciences we are offering QuickScout™ Cell Cycle Panel v2.0. This panel is comprised of relevant kinases for cell-cycle regulation and best for determining whether your compound acts on cell multiplication.

Kinases Available in QuickScout™ Cell Cycle panel

The QuickScout™ Cell Cycle Panel mainly includes kinases which are directly involved in the cell-cycle, and their inhibition may interfere with cell proliferation. Contact us to learn more about this panel and how we can help you identify the clinical potential of your compounds.

Target Name Group


(Carna Cat No.)

AurA (AURKA) STK 05-101
AurC (AURKC) STK 05-103
BRSK2 STK 02-116
CDC2 /CycB1 STK 04-102
CDC7/ASK STK 05-109
CDK2 /CycE1 STK 04-165
CDK2 /CycA2 STK 04-103
CDK3 /CycE1 STK 04-104
CDK4 /CycD3 STK 04-105
CDK6 /CycD3 STK 04-107
CDK7 /CycH/MAT1 STK 04-108
CDK9 /CycT1 STK 04-110
CHK1 (CHEK1) STK 02-117
CHK2 (CHEK2) STK 02-162
CK2 α1/β (CSNK2A1/B) STK 05-184
CK2 α2/β (CSNK2A2/B) STK 05-185
GSK3 β (GSK3B) STK 04-141
NEK1 STK 05-123
NEK2 STK 05-226
NEK6 STK 05-130
NEK7 STK 05-131
NEK9 STK 05-133
p38 α (MAPK14) STK 04-152
p70S6K (RPS6KB1) STK 01-154
PIM1 STK 02-054
PIM2 STK 02-155
PLK1 STK 05-157
PLK2 STK 05-158
RSK1 (RPS6KA1) STK 01-149