QuickScout™ STK Panel

Kinome-Tree-Quickscout_STK_smallThrough our partner Carna Biosciences we are offering the QuickScout™ STK Panel v2.0. This panel of 30 pre-selected Serine/Threonine kinases is comprised of key members from the AGC, CAMK, CMGC, STE, TKL, and Other Group of STK kinases.

Kinases Available in QuickScout™ STK panel

This panel allows you to screen your lead compounds using the industry’s most diverse Kinome Sampler and helps you discover and characterize the selectivity of your compounds as potential treatments for cancer, inflammatory, metabolic and/or neurological diseases. Contact us to learn more about this panel and how we can help you identify the clinical potential of your compounds.

Target Name Group


(Carna Cat No.)

AKT1  STK 01-101  
AMPKα1/β1/γ1 (PRKAA1/B1/G1) STK 02-113  
AurA (AURKA) STK 05-101  
CaMK4  STK 02-108  
CDK2 /CycA2 STK 04-103  
CHK1 (CHEK1) STK 02-117  
CK1ε (CSNK1E) STK 03-104  
DAPK1  STK 02-134  
DYRK1B  STK 04-131  
Erk2 (MAPK1) STK 04-143  
GSK3β (GSK3B) STK 04-141  
HGK (MAP4K4) STK 07-137  
IKKβ (IKBKB) STK 05-084  
IRAK4  STK 09-145  
JNK2 (MAPK9) STK 04-164  
MAPKAPK2  STK 02-142  
MST1 (STK4) STK 07-116  
NEK2  STK 05-226  
p38α (MAPK14) STK 04-152  
p70S6K (RPS6KB1) STK 01-154  
PAK2  STK 07-124  
PBK  STK 05-168  
PDK1 (PDPK1) STK 01-132  
PIM1  STK 02-054  
PKACα (PRKACA) STK 01-127  
PKCα (PRKCA) STK 01-133  
PKD2 (PRKD2) STK 02-158  
ROCK1  STK 01-109  
SGK  STK 01-158  
TSSK1  STK 02-364